WLCFF Film Screening Schedule

Official Screening Schedule

12:00 pm – audience entry and seating.

12:20 pm – 12:50 pm Introduction to our judges and greeting ceremony.

1:00 pm – 2:30 pm ONCE IN A LEW MOON Director/Producer – Lonnie Senstock.

Celebrating the life of Lew Hunter! Finally a film that isn’t about showing struggles. Starring Patty Duke, Richard Masur, Lew Hunter, & some of the most famous writers & directors ever to come out of Hollywood.

2:30 pm – 2:45 pm Filmmaker Q&A.


Director – Dorothy Booream

Director Of Photography – Chad Haufschild.

Produced by Unfiltered Entertainment, Inc. & No seatbelts Productions.

In the world of Magic, The heart is the source of all power. Alex Crowleys heart has been stolen by those he trusted most. And he wants it back!

3:05pm – 3:20pm FLYING KITES

Directed by Carter Knopik.

A beautiful story of friendship, Love, Hardship and the understanding of growing up in a societal conditions.

3:25 pm – 3:30 pm Filmmaker Q&A.

3:30 pm – 3:38 pm MR. JONES

Directed by Matt Townley.

Mr. Jones has taught instrumental music to almost 3 generations of students in the community of Fort Calhoun, Nebraska. In that long tenure his abrasive, strict and perfectionist personality has either alienated or immortalized him in the eyes of his students, parents and other members of the Fort Calhoun community.

3:48pm – 3:52pm Filmmaker Q&A.

3:53 pm – 4:10 pm   THE REGULARS

Written and directed by Justin Senkbile.

One drunk, some listless high schoolers and a lot of boredom populate a slow shift for two waitresses at an all-night restaurant. A unnerving tension that follows you in the eeriest of ways.

4:10pm – 4:15pm – Filmmaker Q&A.

4:15 pm – 4:22 pm


Directed by Ishma Valenti and Zach Watkins.

Reflections on national issues of bullying and gun violence. Inspiring video and music collide beautifully into a compelling film.

4:22 pm – 4:27 pm – Filmmaker Q&A.

4:27 pm – 5:12 pm CLOSURE

Directed by Stacy Heatherly.

Never give up hope! A Beautiful documentary of a community at ends.

5:12 pm – 5:17 pm Filmmaker Q&A.

5:18 pm – 5:32 pm REVERSAL

Directed by Cullen Wright. Produced by Lucis Sheridan.

A man pushed to the edge looks for a way out. But it might be too late. Can you’re mind handle a movie shot completely in reverse.

5:32 pm – 5:35 pm . – Filmmaker Q&A.

5:35 pm – 5:46 pm THE NIGHT SHE CAME BACK

Directed by Mat Kister.

The prologue for the film The Eyes of Isabelle. In 1955, a young girl goes on a rampage, attempting to kill her family once and for all.

5:46 pm – 5:51 pm Filmmaker Q&A.

5:51 pm – 5:57 pm BE GOOD BE CAREFUL

Directed by Ishma Valenti, Nick Goodwin.

A music video that takes the great depression era and gangsta lifestyle to a new level and spin.

5:58 pm 6:03 pm Filmmaker Q&A.

6:03 pm – 6:18 pm CLASSIFIED

Directed by Kevin Mcmahon.

When the most elite fighting force meets the supernatural, There can only be one outcome.

6:18 pm – 6:25 pm Filmmaker Q&A.


Directed by Mat Kister.

In this homage to classic film noir, a scared motel manager hires a hitman to get rid of one of his guests. But this beautiful guest isn’t quite what she seems….

6:43 pm – 6:48 pm Filmmaker Q&A.

6:48 pm – 7:55 pm THE HOLY MAN

Produced by Randy Goodwin.

A Burned out boxer clings to one last fight for hope. But god has a different path for him altogether.

7:55 pm – 8 pm Filmmaker Q&A.



12:00PM – 1:00PM

Party Pals Balloon Twisting in the Fremont Mall

1:15PM – 4PM 

PUBLIC SERVICE FILM:  TANEYCOMO PLUS Student short films & Awards

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