Film It: Music Video Camp

The Digg Site's First Music Video Camp!

The Nebraska Arts Council, a state agency, has supported our Film It Camp programs through its matching grants program funded by the Nebraska Legislature, the National Endowment for the Arts and the Nebraska Cultural Endowment.

The grant we received in 2018 made it possible for us to offer an additional tuition-free camp—a music video film camp—for 12 students on September 23, 2018 in Lincoln, Nebraska.

During the one-day intensive film camp, led by our own Ishma Valenti, students filmed the Omaha band, Domestic Blend, at three different locations: Sadsun Studios, Union Plaza Amphitheater, and Mfinanga Motion & Photography Studio. They learned how to collaborate and work together to come up with a concept for the music video. They also learned how to set up for a live shoot and operate a variety of film equipment, including professional cameras, lighting rigs, microphones, and even a Mavic Pro drone.

In addition, the students learned film techniques unique to live music performances—how to use different angles to capture the meaning and impact of the music and words, how to pace the transitions, and how to use film to help tell the story behind the song. Further, the students learned how to direct the adult members of the band on where to stand, when to play, how to perform, etc.

The end result is an impactful music video that speaks to the Black Lives Matter movement and what the students see happening in the world around them. We are incredibly proud of the work our students and instructors did during this film camp!

Visit for information on how the Nebraska Arts Council can assist your organization, or how you can support the Nebraska Cultural Endowment.