Ruffled Feathers


“They are more likely to seek out ‘better for me’ products and messages, and this extends to ‘better for my community and my environment,’ too,” – Sara Al-Tukhaim, director of retail insights at Kantar Retail in Boston.

What is Project Rawhide?

That’s exactly the question we have been working tirelessly trying to answer.

The Digg Site Productions have been filming and interviewing for countless hours so we can educate you, our community, on Project Rawhide. To the public, the project formed quietly behind closed doors and the delivery of information comes last minute, not allowing the public to have time to gather their facts and respond as collectively as they would wish.

This documentary is created objectively. For that to occur, all perspectives must agree to interview. To date, we have not yet received one perspective from the proposed to interview. We will post all rejection letters on this page for the public to review.

We do believe we will be able to obtain a few personal perspective interviews that lean toward seeing the plant in a positive way. Again, we welcome all perspectives.

We are utilizing a unique approach to documentary filmmaking. We will post segments as we edit, so the public can follow the story. We also encourage the public to follow the articles from The Omaha World Herald and attend meetings for a personal look.

NOTE: All email comments, personal messages, and texts received about this project will be posted for public viewing.

Look for our completed final documentary that will include all segments previewed here.


PR Firm’s Take on Project Rawhide
Check out what this PR firm had to say about how the project was handled.

Various Meetings Taken Place for Project Rawhide

Identifying agenda items pertaining to Costco and Lincoln Premium Poultry, has been a challenge. Hours of footage has been filmed of meetings. These are clips and sound bites of some of the discussion points addressed at various meetings and gatherings.

A Nebraskan’s Perspective

“Vertical integration in agriculture and the disappearance of the rural middle class.” Thank you Graham Christensen for this insight. Here’s a look into a Nebraskan’s perspective.

Why Fremont?

Nickerson & Fremont – Who knew about these location site choices? Who was consulted? How do neighbors feel about the location choices? How would the location of a chicken processing plant affect these locations around communities like Nickerson, Hooper and Fremont in regard to health risks, community investments of property, recreation and future developments? What will be the future of the two million dollar ball field directly across from the current proposed site?

This project would change these communities forever.

An Environmental Impact Study by a third party would identify exactly how and what would be directly affected.

City Council Planning Meetings

This segments includes footage of the most recent meetings that Costco has begun attending.

We are shocked at what we’ve caught on camera.

The production submitted a FOIA to the City of Fremont. It included all departments. We will show those documents with the footage.

Documents and the Process of the Conflict of Interest filed with the NADC by BOLD Nebraska.

The next video segment of RUFFLED FEATHERS DOCUMENTARY was to be the documents and process of the Conflict of Interest filed with the NADC by BOLD Nebraska. Unfortunately, it has come to our attention that the NADC has a confidentiality policy that prevents us from being able to review and report the cases until their findings.

In lieu of the video we have provided the links below for our viewers to stay informed along with us during this time. We will continue to monitor the process and the video segment will be up as soon as we have something to share. Thank you for your continued support.

Bold Nebraska Files Complaint Over Conflicts of Interest in Fremont - Bold Nebraska Files complaints with NADC

Commission proceedings and records relating to a complaint are confidential unless the Commission issues an order finding that the respondent has violated the NPADA. Also, the respondent may notify the Commission in writing that he or she wants the matter to be made public - NADC Privacy Policy

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