Auditions Announced for The Picture of Daria Gray

The Picture of Daria Gray: Auditions Announced

Auditions Announced for The Picture of Daria GrayFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:


Shoot Dates: May 4-16, 2020
Locations: Fremont and Central Nebraska
Genre: Mystery, Romance
Budget: SAG Ultra Low

Auditions: Immediately until roles are filled. Auditions will be held in Fremont, Nebraska March 20 and 21 from 10-5.
Audition Address: 414 North Main Street Fremont NE 68025.

Please send an email to to request an audition time and sides.

  • Please state which sides you are requesting in your email.
  • There are smaller roles available, please select material from the selected roles to present at your audition.
  • Self-taping/online audition is acceptable.

Visit our website or imdb for more information about the film and previous films:

Based on “The Picture of Dorian Gray” by Oscar Wilde.
In this modern-day adaptation, DARIA GRAY is a beautiful, aspiring actress. She meets August, an artist who paints her portrait. The years pass but Daria doesn’t seem to age as she claws her way to the top of Hollywood. Then she notices something that will forever alter her life: The portrait is changing. It reveals an aging Daria. Now this timeless beauty locks away the portrait as she attempts to continue her career.

Cast (any ethnicity for all roles):
DARIA GRAY (female, 30’s): Daria exudes life, culture and warmth. She (& her portrait) are stunning (think of Jane Seymour’s picture in “Somewhere In Time”). Daria is a bit innocent but becomes harder as the story progresses. Must be available for entire shoot dates. Minimum of Ten days required.

TONYA (female, 40-50): Tonya has fought adversary her entire life and is now the owner of a restaurant. She has no airs or self-pity and is very comfortable in her own skin. She also possibly has a disability of some kind. Near the end of the movie, she is diagnosed with a terminal cancer and has chemo treatments so it would be required that actress shaves her head (or appears to be bald wearing a cap). Minimum of Four days required.

VANESSA (female, 40-50): Vanessa is a Hollywood studio executive. She’s all backbone yet personable. Minimum of One day required.

EMMA (female, 20’s): Emma is friendly, outgoing, full of energy, instantly likeable. Minimum of One day required.

CHARLIE (male, 30’s): Charlie is the leading man in Daria’s first film. Down to earth, he helps Daria improve as an actress. Later in the movie (when we skip ahead 20 years), Charlie will be in his 50’s. Minimum of 2 days required.

THEO (male, 20’s): Theo is Daria’s flamboyant, outgoing agent. Comedic, sarcastic with a ton of gumption. Minimum of Two days required.

MAX (male, 20’s): Rock star turned actor, Max is one of Hollywood’s top leading men. Minimum of Two days required.

FRANK STONE (male, 40-50): A complete slimeball producer who requires the female leads to sleep with him if they want the role. Could be played boldly/no bones about it or could be played sneaky/unassuming. Minimum of One day required.

SAMUEL (male, 60-70): Tonya’s father. Just like his daughter, Samuel has also faced much adversary and has come out on top. Strong & proud. Minimum of One day required.

EXTRAS: Nebraska residents PLEASE submit. Some extras may have speaking roles. Experience not necessary to be an extra.

Please email and include a recent photo, contact information, and any relevant experience. Experience not necessary in order to be an extra.

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    1. Hi Jaiden. The auditions were postponed due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. Auditions will be rescheduled at such time as it is deemed safe to do so. Thanks!

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