November 6-12, 2017

History of the Festival Name

Upon returning to Fremont, Ray Simmons, supported by the owners of historic homes along Nye, Broad and Military Streets, began placing white lights in the windows of their residences. The lights could also be seen along the historic downtown Main Street.

The unification of the residents and the beauty of the lights all resulted in then Mayor Skip Edwards recognizing the uniqueness and taking the opportunity to acknowledge Ray Simmons for his contribution to this tradition by dedicating Fremont as The White Light City.

The Digg Site Productions Board of Directors loved the story and the custom it represents, and by naming the Film Festival after The White Light City, hopes to reinstate the tradition by showing our support and engaging the community in this festive concept.

To show your support of this tradition, please put white candles in the windows of your home and business. Luminaries are also a wonderful Christmas tradition among our Latino residents and are a welcome addition to this 20-year Fremont tradition.

Our commUNITY has a bright future. Welcome to FREMONT, THE WHITE LIGHT CITY.

Festival Schedule

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Event Locations

Milady Coffeehouse
105 E. 6th Street, Fremont
parking on street

Polymath Cyber Cafe
414 N. Main Street, Fremont
parking on street

Midland University - Swanson Hall
Eighth Street & N. Irving, Fremont
parking lot at 8th & Clarkson

Questions About the Festival?

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Milady Coffeehouse, Fremont, Nebraska
Midland University, Fremont, Nebraska